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Research Fabric on a Chip (FoC) 
  Fabric on a Chip (FoC)
  At the heart of any switch or router resides a packet switching fabric subsystem. Coarsely speaking, the latter is in charge of facilitating the effective exchange of packets from the switch input ports to its output ports. Output-queued (OQ) switching architectures, in which arriving packets are predominantly buffered at the output ports, offer highly desirable properties including minimal average packet delay, controllable Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning, and work-conservation. However, as port densities and data rates increase, the inherent characteristics of OQ switches give rise to prohibitive memory requirements that have traditionally rendered infeasible the implementation of large port density OQ systems. Our work focused on novel pipeline memory management architectures, which exploit the unique attributes of FPGAs in order to overcome these limitations. The approach facilitated the future realization of a complete switching fabric on a single chip.
Selected Publications
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