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Ortal Arel, Ph.D.
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
The University of Tennessee
302 Min H. Kao Building
Knoxville, TN 37996-2100

Currently teaching:
ECE 316 - Signals and Systems II
ECE 315 - Signals and Systems I
Research Securing Wireless Sensor Networks 
  Securing Wireless Sensor Networks
  Dr. Arel is a faculty member in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee, and is actively collaborating with the lab on various topics pertaining to data security, networking and scientific computing.
Selected Publications
[1]     S. Young, I. Arel, O. Arazi, "Pi-PIFO: A Scalable Pipelined PIFO Memory Management Architecture," Proc. of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications, June, 2009 [pdf]
[2]     O. Arazi, H. Qi, "On Calculating Multiplicative Inverses Modulo 2^m," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 57, no. 10, pp. 1435-1438, October, 2008 [pdf]
[3]     O. Arazi, H. Qi, D. Rose, "Public Key Cryptographic Method for Denial of Service Prevention in Wireless Sensor Networks," Proc. of 4th Annual IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor, Mesh, and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), June, 2007 [pdf]
[4]     O. Arazi, I. Elhanany, D. Rose, H. Qi, B. Arazi, "Self-Certified Public Key Generation on the Intel Mote 2 Sensor Network Platform," 3rd Annual IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), September, 2006 [pdf]
[5]     O. Arazi, B. Arazi, H. Qi, I. Elhanany, D. Rose, "Self-Certified Public Key Cryptography for Resource-Constrained Sensor Networks," 2006 Cyber Security and Information Infrastructure Research Workshop, Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), May, 2006 [pdf]
[6]     I. Elhanany, O. Arazi, M. Kahane, "Virtual Input Queued Switches with Non-Uniform Arrivals and Bursty Service," Proc. 11th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS) 2004, Dec. 13-15, Tel-Aviv, Israel, December, 2005 [pdf]
[7]     B. Arazi, I. Elhanany, O. Arazi, H. Qi, "Revisiting Public Key Cryptography for Wireless Sensor Networks," IEEE Computer Magazine, pp. 85-87, November, 2005 [pdf]
[8]     O. Arazi, I. Elhanany, "A Scalable Architecture for High-Speed Digital Companding," Proc. IEEE 48th Midwest Symposium on Circuits & Systems (MWSCAS 2005), August, 2005 [pdf]
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