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Ken Habgood, Ph.D.
Research Hardware Acceleration Platforms for Power Systems Analysis 
  High Performance Computing
  Solving linear systems with a large number of variables is at the core of many scientific problems. Parallel processing techniques for solving such systems have received much attention in recent years. My work focused on a novel approach for solving large-scale linear systems which involves Cramer's rule and matrix condensation techniques.
Selected Publications
[1]     K. Habgood, I. Arel, "A Condensation-based Application of Cramer's Rule for solving Large-Scale Linear Systems," Journal of Discrete Algorithms, Vol 10, pp. 98-109. (Also referenced on Wikipedia under the "Determinant" and "Cramer's Rule" entries) , January, 2012 [pdf]
[2]     K. Habgood, I. Arel, "Revisiting Cramer's Rule for Solving Dense Linear Systems," in Proc. ACM High Performance Computing Symposium (HPC 2010), April, 2010