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Dr. Interviewed by Wired Magazine
Dr. Arel was interviewed by Wired magazine on the topic of advanced artificial general intelligence.
Dr. Arel interviewed by Wired magazine
Dr. Arel was interviewed for Wired magazine on the emergence of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and its vast implications to society.
Dr. Arel interviewed for Wired
Deep Reinforcement Learning as Foundation for Machine Intelligence
Itamar Arel gave a talk at the Stanford University Machine Vision Group, November 2014
Article on use of DeSTIN in AGI research
Jeffrey Epstein backs OpenCog Artificial Intelligence Research
Link to the article
Ensemble Learning in Fixed Expansion Layer Networks for Mitigating Catastrophic Forgetting
Robert Coop and Itamar Arel receive the best poster award at IEEE IJCNN 2013 in Dallas, TX
Nicole Pennington's presentation at BICA 2011
Nicole is presenting work on visual attention using reinforcement learning at BICA 2011
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Itamar Arel's presentation at BICA 2011
Itamar Arel presenting work on DeSTIN with function approximation at BICA 2011
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The Ethics of Artificial General Intelligence
Dr. Arel gives a brief presentation on Reinforcement Learning based AGI at The Future of AGI Workshop in Menlo Park, CA - August 2011
(talk begins at minute 42:55)
Dr. Arel interviewed for a Live Science article on the future of AI
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Dr. Arel interviewed by Humanity+ Magazine
Dr. Arel provides an insightful interview on the path to artificial general intelligence / February 2011
Dr. Arel interviewed on a UK talk radio station (talkSPORT)
The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Science segment on the Late Night Show" with Ian Collins (London), May 23, 2010
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A Reinforcement Learning Perspective on Artificial General Intelligence
Dr. Arel delivered a tutorial at AGI 2009 on the topic of reinforcement learning perspective on artificial general intelligence
Dr. Arel's talk at the Singularity Summit 2009
Dr. Arel discusses his view on the prospect of realizing AGI within the next decade.
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Dr. Arel interviewed by Next Big Future on Prospect of AGI Research
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h+ Magazine piece on Itamar Arel at the Singularity Summit 2009
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Dr. Arel's interview on AGI toward the Singularity Summit 2009
Dr. Arel was interviewed on the future of AGI. The interview was conducted as part of the preliminary discussion toward the Singularity Summit 2009.
[YouTube Link to the Interview]
Working Toward Pragmatic Convergence in AGI
An invited talk delivered at the 2nd Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) conference - March 2009
[Dr. Arel video talk]
A Novel Approach to Solving Large Scale Linear Systems
Ken Habgood presented his work on solving large scale linear systems at the Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) headed by Prof. Jack Dongarra. -- April 3, 2009
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A Reinforcement Learning Perspective on AGI
Dr. Arel presented a reinforcement learning framework that may help in stepping toward AGI. (invited tutorial at AGI '09)
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On the Broad Implications of Reinforcement Learning to Artificial General Intelligence
Talk given by Scott Livingston at the first conference of artificial general intelligence (AGI) in March 3rd, 2008.
[Slides in PDF] , [Video of Talk]
A Scalable Recurrent Neural Network Framework for Model-free POMDPs
Presentation at ADPRL 2007 by Itamar Elhanany
Self-Certified Public Key Generation on the Intel 2 Mote Sensor Network Platform
Poster presentation given at IEEE SECON 2006, Sept. 2006. This work has been supported by Intel.
[Poster Slides]
TRTRL: A Localized Resource-Efficient Learning Algorithm for Recurrent Neural Networks
Talk given by Danny Budik at the IEEE Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS 2006) - Puerto Rico, August 8th, 2006
Self-Certified Public Key Cryptography for Resource-Constrained Sensor Networks
Presentation given at the 2006 Cyber Security and Information Infrastructure Research Workshop, Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), TN (May 11, 2006)
Switch Fabric on Altera FPGA
Talk given by Dr. Elhanany at Altera, Inc. (San Jose, CA) - April 2006
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